Social Security Team

Meet Our Medicare Team

Our Medicare-Certified Insurance agents, Advisor Christina Vignery and Portfolio Manager Assistant Stephanie Prescott, joined forces to provide guidance for Medicare Health Insurance. We are not tied to any one insurance carrier, which means we are able to provide recommendations for you based on your individual needs and values. We offer assistance with Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. As always, our advice is friendly, free, and no-obligation.

Medicare A, B, C, & D

Choosing a Medicare plan can be overwhelming and raise so many questions and concerns. What do all of the letters mean A, B, C, D, MAPD, PDP, plan F, Plan G? Unless you specialize in Medicare insurance, comparing plans can be a difficult task. We can simplify this process for you and the best news is, it’s no cost to you!

Medicare Part A: Hospital

This is an entitlement benefit after working 40 quarters and is the Hospital portion of original Medicare.

Medicare Part B: Medical

This is the medical portion of original Medicare. Generally this is deducted from your social security check. If you are not collecting a Social Security check you will need to enroll in Part B and pay quarterly. The cost for part B varies depending on income.

Medicare Part C:

This is also known as a Medicare Advantage plan (MA) or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug (MAPD) plan if it includes Part D drug coverage. There are several types of Medicare Advantage plans: HMO, PPO, and PFFS.

Medicare Part D:

This is the prescription drug part of Medicare. This can be purchased as a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) or be included in a Medicare Advantage plan (MAPD).

Medicare Supplement:

This is a policy that helps cover cost-sharing due under original Medicare, including coinsurance, copays, and deductibles.

A person must have both Part A and Part B to enroll in any type of Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan.


If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss which Medicare option is right for you, please call our office and ask to meet with Christina or Stephanie.